Dear friends,

Tonight was a really nice, for one side we have enjoyed a session Engram B2B DO’B without using pre listening nor SYNC in Manacor – Mallorca – Spain. At the same time but in Buenos Aires Daio one of our members and his sister, were presenting the project Pagana’s DJ’s B2B.

Engram B2B DO’B: A B2B session with some details of Ableton samplers, the session has been really rich and also really nice. Have you ever tried to play a B2B with two computers, no sync, and no pre listening? We recommend It to you !!!

The palace was our Saturday evening’s residence at Bistro Sa Volta – and today we have to thank all our friends that visited us also.

  • Next 31.07.2021 Engram B2B DO’B DIGITAL SESSION
  • Next 07.08.2021 HOMA B2B NOEX – VYNIL SESSION B2B

We wait for you next Saturday at the Bistro:

Pagana’s Dj’s have prepared a session based on afro tech, melodic and closing with pure techno. The session was about 4 hours, at the “Juana Teatro RestoBar”. Here you can see some pictures of their session:

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