Hello, my name is Santi Huertas AKA Do’B. Since 2002 I have been involved in different musical, artistic and visual projects. I was born in Mallorca in 1977, although I have lived for 15 years in different places in Spain and abroad, always for work reasons. We would like to invite you to become a Patron of our project, we are sure you will get back more than you give. Have a look at our Patreon site.

I am a founding member of the OH Dynamic Solutions collective, http://www.ohdynamic.com. This group is made up of 16 professionals (and growing) from different parts of the world. Being a group, we covered an extensive area of ​​knowledge:

  • DJ & Ableton Live Sessions (We love being in contact with the public)
  • We support you in the composition, search for suitable harmonies, tempos, production and musical mastering. Although our favourite styles are Techno, electronic, house-music, minimal, soul and experimental. We adapt to the musical style with which you feel identified, or we even help you develop your own style.
  • We use both digital elements such as Ableton, Traktor, etc … as analogue instruments; guitars, drums, basses, keyboards, classical pianos …
  • Within the collective we have both male and female vocalists who come to cover 10 different tonalities. Which is an added value, both when recording your lyrics, and when performing mixed live performances between electronic, analogue and vocal.
  • Within our team, we have great and innovative professionals in the Audiovisual area, who can help you learn from scratch or improve your Audiovisual productions.

About me;

In 2002, the newspaper El País supported me in launching myself, in parallel with other works, into the world of electronic music. Although since 2019 I have been professionalizing this area.

I am an expert in Digital Marketing, and until 2019 I had not been able to focus, putting my knowledge and services to support all kinds of artists, I combined companies of all kinds, with my goal to support art.

I am a DJ and apprentice producer, this is why you are very important to me, since with your help I can continue to focus on my passions: Web development, music, video creation and multimedia art.

With your support, you will get access to unpublished songs and sessions, discounts in the events in which I participate, as well as discounts in my BandCamp.

I thank you in advance for your support, since together I will be able to continue working passionately on what I really like, art.

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