Passion for electronic music:

We are a group of professionals with a common passion: Disseminate new trends in electronic music. We don’t want to be the best electronic music platform, but we want to be a unique platform.

We have denied commercial music for many years now, and among our team there are music production professionals, excellent DJs and people capable of improvising live from minute one using Live Ableton.

We started in 2002 gaining recognition from the newspaper El País, the most important in Spain with a national circulation, when there was hardly any software, everything was analog, but we managed to create a website from which producers could exchange samplers, rhythms, and a endless sounds.

Twenty years later we get back together, some have continued to produce and perform sets in the main clubs in the world, others instead we specialize in Digital Marketing, others in organizing and managing events, others in content writing and journalism.

It is for all this that we do not want to be the best, but the different, perhaps inimitable.

We hope that both our Online Radio, our record label, our weekly Magazine and our events will take you to an underground world where the sun rises.

We are renegades from usual electronic music, If you are a Renegade feel free to join our community.

What we Do

Our team and our organization is certified by the following companies:

  • WordPress: Silver Agency
  • Facebook: Marketing Partner
  • Google: Partner & Google Ads certified
  • YouTube: Marketing Partner
  • Linked In: Stellar profile
  • Twitter: Expert
  • Instagram: Professional