We have a selection of clothes, merchandising and music from our main Brands:

Renegade Radio
Renegades Magazine
OH Dynamic Solutions
Do’B, Dicasto, Makabeu and Noex
Renegade Radio Label (RRL)

and a lot of staff from our artists, sponsors & cooperators.

To start we invite you to see our summer collection at BandCamp, I am sure you will find any idea that can be mixed with our picture other colors, etc… https://ohdynamicsolutions.bandcamp.com/

We can customize your own t.shirt in the size, model, colour and picture that you wish. We also make posters, stickers with some following pictures, but we are open to creativity. Just let us know what you wish, and we make It real for 20 euros every t-shirt…. only with the condition that you help us to promote our brands and our Radio station.

Just choose the colour, size, gender, picture and in 48-72 hours you will receive It at home.