About Renegade Rec Label (RRL): This is one of our areas or working from an independent point of with, totally underground. RRL is 100% focused on electronic and experimental music innovation.

Our main goal: To promote new talents under the supervision of our team, but not influencing artists, just providing them our opinion and experience. They are free to compose and manage their sounds. As we work globally over the main scenes in the world, we are open to receive proposals, study them and see If we can help you.

Our services for artists:

Looking for Live Sets all around the globe to promote the artist brand.

Design and maintain the artist website, social media & relationship with press.

Management of the artist as a part of our collective looking for events & festivals

After a period of 6 months, If the artist quality is stable, we agree with the Artist to sing with our Label, we produce an LP, and we are in charge of promoting It through the right sales funnels depending on the artist: Analogic format Vinyl / CD, and through all the main on-line music stores, depending on the style.

Once the LP is recorded, mastered, edited & distributed ON and offline, we organize presentations with press, and a presentation tour to the most appropriate scenarios to the artist music, always covered under our brand and team of producers and DJ’s.