Dj Daio was born in 2019 as an expression of madness and dedication to vinyl for love,
although from the age of 11 they nicknamed me, so I combined it with this passion since my recent
I begin to mix music and share my being.

My new logo developed by OH Dynamic Solutions Team

I arrived to Mallorca in 2017 with the idea of ​​becoming a cook, but the reality was
other. I worked in public relations for R33, Mysa and other until in 2019.

A friend, J. Velando, came out of a party at the Warehouse and surprised me:
He said “I want you to meet my friends, they are gathered in Manacor, they are special” …
They were special, yes, “Vinyl Maniacs” and they turned me to a new point of view.

If you understood me, what happened from that day in a song is without a doubt KEROSIN – PATRICK ARBEZ.
If I counted my beginnings, I could confess as a pass from making guest lists to the electronic discos of Mallorca for 2018 to organize non-profit raves for pure devotion to vinyl in 2019, for continuing to contribute to analogue and that methodical movement of cleaning the vinyl before placing the needle as well as feeling that you connect with the music when you play the record.

That’s how my beginnings were that led me to literal isolation, I knew no limits but who was my teacher in vinyl matters?, Dj Nahual. He taught me and shared a lifestyle to an ecological and electronic biorhythm …

Independently I started getting involved with Ableton but still was not able to publish a track created by me,
coming soon!!!

For now, I’m back in Argentina, although here the vinyls are another level, during the while I did a initial DJ course with digital at

You can contact me:

Or contacting through OH Dynamic Team

Here you can listen some of my sessions:

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